Being Young & Married.


I am glad that Phillip and I got married at 19. There are MANY  reasons why but I want to share just a few of them.

  1.  We don’t get to only grow old with each other we got to grow up with each other.

Phillip and I had our first date when we were 17. At the time I didn’t know that this date would be the start of our story and adventure together. We got married at 19 years old on December 28th, 2013 & that is still one of the best choices I have ever made. Phillip is my best friend, shoulder to cry on, my rock, and now an amazing father to our baby girl. Since we dated/marriage we have been through a lot together from Phillip’s first enlistment, our first home together, me earning my associates degree, first car, 2 dogs, Emma was born, & many more things. So many of these events have helped us become who we are as adults but we also got to be by each other’s side through all of our life events even if at times Phillip was gone due to his job.  I’m so blessed to have someone who has been there through it all.

2. I have learned which friends are truly my friends and gained some amazing ones along the way.

Phillip and I got married in between my fall and spring semester at Western Carolina University. After my spring semester, I moved to  Camp Lejeune. Moving 5 and a half hours from home was tough because I wasn’t a college student home for the summer, I was a new in a new town where I knew nobody except a handful of people ( no friends).  A lot of my friends stopped checking in on me and I felt so forgotten.  Luckily when I started back to school in the fall I met some friends that became family.

3. I gained my own independence. 

Being in a military marriage where your spouse is gone for a lot and will more than likely never be there for your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or children’s birthday you learn to do everything on your own. I didn’t have anyone else to rely on but myself so it caused me to grow up and I am thankful for that.

4. We get to adventure together.

From the day trips to places around Camp Lejeune to Living in Okinawa, Japan we always make sure to do fun things together. While living in Jacksonville we enjoyed taking Remi and Callie to the parks around the area or spending time in downtown Wilmington( Tree Hill). Since moving to Okinawa we have this habit of taking random turns until we find something that looks interesting and pretty. I love that I married someone that loves to be outdoors just as much as I do. So marry someone that you can see yourself going on many adventures and trips with.

Yes, I might have left the party early, but I left it with my best friend and we started our own party. I am thankful and beyond blessed that I got to start my forever with Phillip at a younger age because that means we get to love each other even longer than if we would have found each other later in life. Also, I am so thankful for this part of our life as a wife married to a service member has helped shape me into the woman I am. I am glad that I get to do parenthood with him by my side to a human baby not just our two furbabies. Seeing him with Emma makes me love in love with him over and over every day. He is such an amazing father and husband. He makes sure that Emma and I have everything we need & more. I’m so glad she has him to see how a man should treat women. We are both lucky girls.

-until next time.



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