Friends & Family.

Thank you for the love and support for Baby Greene. We are blessed to have such caring and loving people. With the arrival of Baby Greene any day now, Phillip and I ask a few things of y’all…

1. Please respect the space of Phillip and I. We are adjusting to being new parents.

2. We prefer you do not share pictures of her. If we are uncomfortable with something you share/ post you will be asked to take it down. We want to be able to share events in her life and pictures of things we do with her, Please respect the fact we don’t want her pictures shared.

3. We are in a different time zone, We are 13 hours ahead of those in the States, with that being said we will try our best to make sure we have time to call/video chat all of our family. However, our priority is Baby G, Callie Mae, Remington and each other. Its best to plan times to talk, but please understand we love you all we just need to have a little space as a family.

We aren’t asking these things to be mean or rude, we are asking because this is something we want as her parents. Please respect us and help keep our privacy and safety concerns to a minimum.

Phillip and Ashleigh.


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