My Nana❤

Martha Jean McSwain Moss

09.19.1942 – 02.24.2017



It’s hard for me to fully process that you won’t be home when we come back home to visit, I won’t get to call you and tell you about your great granddaughter, or see you just one more time to see your face light up when you see me because it did every time no matter how long or short it had been since you had seen me. I am glad you got to be there for most of my pregnancy and enjoy talking about it with me and I know you are still just as involved and watching over us now if not even more.   I will continue to make you proud because I know that you were so proud of the person I have grown up to be. Every time your friends would see me they would tell me how much you talk about me and how much you loved me and that’s one thing I will always know, no matter where life takes you and I that you loved me more than anything.

I am thankful that you passed down your love for Mocha coffees, Cheese, & Salt to me. I am thankful for all the times and memories I have from my childhood and adulthood. I will never forget the first time I took you to Cookout and you got a burger and loved it & every time we would be in town running errands together that you would want to go there for their burgers. Thank you for always making me food when you lived across the street from us when I didn’t like dinner or every day after school. Thank you for being a person I could always come to and just sit there and talk to for hours. Thank you for going out of your way to do things for me growing up. 

My Nana never met a stranger, she went out of her way to do for others even if that meant she had to put herself last which she did a lot. I hope that I got that trait from you and can love people the way you did. Nana found joy in cooking, baking, and doing various crafts throughout the year that she was always giving away to anyone and everyone she came in contact with. Nana is the one who encouraged me to learn to cook and at a young age, I was her sidekick in the kitchen. Especially when she would make her cheese cookies, I don’t know if I was more of help or pain because I loved to eat the dough or once they were cooked I would take off the Pecans off and give them to her and eat the cheese cookie. I remember as a kid Nana and I had pretty frequent sleepovers where we would always order takeout from the Shelby Fish Camp. She would order us a flounder meal and that lemonade and then we would stop at the store for the sweet of my choice. Thank you for always sharing cream cheese wontons from Chens with me I will always think of you because you would always get me to stop and pick them up on the way to your house when I could drive. Thank you for always taking me shopping when I had something coming up or just for fun.

I know you are enjoying all the foods you couldn’t have in heaven and having a great time because you are no longer hurting or suffering at all and I am glad you are no longer hurting or sick. 

I love you Nana more than you know and I will miss you so much but I know you are watching over us all. 

Until I see you again…Love,




One thought on “My Nana❤”

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your Nana. So sweet. Brought tears to my eyes and heartfelt sorrow for your loss. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are feeling well. Not much longer now Love you & Phillip. Give my sweet Great Nephew a hug for me. Much love. Aunt Linda


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