Sorry, it’s been a while.


It’s finally 2017 and we have so many things to look forward to.

Baby G’s been doing good at all of our appointments & Phillip and I can’t wait to meet her.

65 Days or less…

We hope she stays in there and doens’t come early!

Remi and Callie love to cuddle up with her & hopefully they will love her just as much as they do now when she’s here. They do enjoy spending time in the nursery and I’m sure will be her protectors.

We are finally feeling more at home in our place but nothing will ever compare to North Carolina and the States…We miss home and are already counting the days down till we are back in the US. Okinawa is beautiful but nothing like America.

Remi & Callie are adjusting to life in Okinawa and seem to like it so far. They enjoy to sit out on our balcony and just watch random things(I’m not really sure what they watch.) We are finally getting to where we don’t have to leave Remi in his Kennel when we go places..let’s hope he keeps up the good behavior.

There isn’t much new happening with Phillip and I. We enjoy the little convenience stores Called Family mart here in Oki that are literally EVERYWHERE. They have about anything you can imagine from food, snacks, toiletries, clothes, make up, & much more.


Also, if anyone has any freezer meals/crockpot meals that they suggest we make ahead of time to have or just some easy recipes that will make it easier the first weeks. (Phillip’s specialties are grilled cheese and a bowl of cereal, but he has been helping me cook dinner to learn)

** My goal is to get better at blog writing & more often, however we really haven’t had too much to write about.

↠ until next time, ashleigh.


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