Our weekend we weren’t lazy :) 

Phillip picked up our car Friday afternoon and we decided that we would go out to dinner with friends on another base. Well what should have took us 15-20 min took us a hour cause we got lost, we did FINALLY make it.  Saturday morning we got up and decided we would go to the 5 stories mall to walk around and look what all they had. We spent a good bit of our day walking around the mall. After the mall we came back to the hotel because I needed a nap (Pregnant Probs). We then decided we were going to go to cocos for dinner. It was good and Phillip was happy to finally get it again. Today we woke up and went to the Ocean Breeze for the breakfast buffet. Mhmm the bacon was sooo good 😍. Then we went out to look at cars for Phillip, drove around American village  and found a park/beach. Then Phillip decided we should go on a “adventure “.  We drove up to Hansen so he could show me where he worked. After we got back to our hotel we decided we should go to the commissary to get some food and the needed things for the super typhoon coming our way. We will keep y’all posted on the typhoon. 
That’s all for now. 


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