First Week in Okinawa, Japan.

Hey yall!

Ashleigh here.

We arrived in Okinawa Friday night at about 8pm. We were greeted by our sponsor and taken to our temporary lodging. We will stay in temporary lodging until we either are assigned a place in on base housing or we find a place out in town. The time change has been kicking my butt and I find myself taking long naps in the middle of the day and wanting dinner food when it’s breakfast time. Yesterday(Wednesday) we went to the Newcomers Brief where we took our drivers test and got tons of knowledge on life on the island and the island’s history.  We both passed our SOFA Driver’s License test and we started the process for purchasing our first car here. We purchased our “Big” vehicle which 1999 Toyota Harrier which is Similar to the Lexus RX in America. This car will be big enough for Baby G to fit in and has plenty of storage.  We are looking forward to exploring the island this weekend.

** I finally found some chicken tenders❤

That is all for now. We will be posting more as we come. Enjoy. Have a great day.