Goodbye to 2017, Hello 2018!

Whoa, I can’t believe that 2017 has already come and gone. This year brought so many good things to our life. The biggest being that Emma was born in April. We had so many good things happen, we explored, tried new things, and we got to go back to the states to see our families.

Enjoy the video I made to review our year.

See ya next year,



Emma’s First adventure.

Yikes! I don’t think Phillip and I want to do that trip again with a baby. We knew this before we left but babies require A LOT of stuff.

When we left Okinawa we had a car seat with base, stroller, my book bag, Phillip’s  book bag, laptop bag, diaper bag, and a rolling suitcase…that’s just our CARRY ON. We also checked three larger suitcases. On the way back we had all that & some…

We lucked out( or maybe I made sure of it) that our long flight would be during Emma’s night time so that it would be easier on all of us. Emma actually did well on all of our flights.We got to spend some quality time with our families which we loved getting to just relax and see them along with everyone getting to meet and love on Emma. We celebrated Thanksgiving and did some Black Friday shopping.24067958_1357232231070223_1624516896072498976_n23905472_1357232344403545_1698992097604140386_n23844826_1357232537736859_5132215262665695442_n23905700_1357232727736840_1010881401318173886_n

On Sunday all of our families gathered together to witness Emma’s Baby Dedication, which Phillip and I thankful for First Baptist for making sure we got to participate.24059025_1357232141070232_8313190216176498353_n

On Monday night we got to let Emma meet Santa for the first time, She wasn’t too sure about it (She doesn’t like men). We also got our family picture taken for the church directory, we hope to have them back because we LOVE them and I already have 3 canvases we need to order when we get them.

We ate Mexican food I think 7 times, which I am not complaining and probably could have ate it more. Phillip and I were fortunate that our families could babysit so we could go do things as a couple such as shoot guns which we both missed doing. 


We also took my mom shooting one afternoon and I have to give her credit, she is a lot better than what she says.


We got to go to Raleigh and see my brother and one of Phillip’s friends got married while we were in town.  I got to meet my brothers second family which was nice since I am so far away and can’t be there for him. We also went to Build a Bear and Phillip made Emma a Build a Bear. At the reception Emma PASSED OUT she hadn’t napped and it finally hit her…(last pic)24862509_1367090766751036_6304040982057099649_n


After the wedding we drove to Jacksonville to see more of our friends and let them meet Emma. Emma watched the Panthers Game with Daddy, Uncle Sam, and Aunt Alicia while I got my hair done.24231935_10211232521994365_6628212915491767557_n

While in Jacksonville Emma and I went with my friend Alicia and Erika where Emma got to meet Santa for the Second time and she would only get near him if I was holding her.

Erika & Alicia24852332_1367090346751078_5006343885113712478_n

We also got to spend time with the Taylor’s who willing be joining us here in Okinawa in 2018. We were so thankful to stay with them even if Vincent was being stubborn and didn’t want to meet us till he moves here. & thank for you for the boyfriend cuddles(Killer,the dog).24312996_1364242577035855_1403879589533338547_o24879977_1367342576725855_5962734850355058546_o

We are looking forward to spending Christmas in our own home as it is Emma’s First.

Until next time,


My 5 go to meals.

Now if you know me at all then you know I don’t exactly follow recipes…

I tend to follow the basic directions of them, but I like to add my own “Ashleigh” touch on them like adding or altering ingredients or spices.

That being said I will post links to the recipes that I got the idea from and if I do something different then I will add that under the link.

Enjoy & Bon Appetit !

  1. BBQ Cheddar Onion Chicken

*The recipe calls for real onions but most the time I forget to get them and have used fried onions and the outcome is just as good if not better.

2. Chilli Lime Pork. MHMMM!

*I added a little bit of garlic to this recipe because we love it. I think the next time we make it I will added bell peppers. We use this pork  for tacos or just to eat alone. Especially when I do it in the crock-pot it comes out tender & juicy.

3. Homemade Personal Pizza

I don’t have a exact recipe. We either buy refrigerated pizza dough or our new favorite is using Naan. Then we toss some sauce and our favorite toppings and bake it till it is desired crispness. This is perfect for lazy Saturday when you’re stuck inside thanks to a typhoon.

Or type making them with biscuits and cooking them in a waffle iron. This is Phillip’s favorite

4. Fajitas!!!

Most of the time we do steak and chicken, bell peppers(red,yellow,&orange), onions & on occasions we like to add shrimp. With a little fajitas mix,(you can make your own with the following link), Cheese, Sour Cream, and Tortillas.

5. Last but not least… Breakfast Casserole aka Sausage and Gravy Bake.

  • I used a different recipe but this is basically the same except for I make my own gravy. and I add more cheese.


Who let the dogs out?

How we got our doggos…

Callie Mae

Callie’s gotcha day is September 5th,2008 ( I think it was the 5th). Callie had followed my mom’s bosses home from their run and they kept her and put flyers up but nobody claimed her. She still had a collar mark around her neck when they found so it was clear that someone must have just let her out. After the week of not being claimed by anyone, my mom talked my dad into keeping her even though he wanted to go to a car show that weekend, instead we took Callie to the vet and she became a Greene. Callie became my best friend, she went everywhere with me, she was my shotgun rider. Well, in 2011 Phillip came into our lives and then nobody existed in our family when he was around…Still true to this day…

Phillip and I got married in December of 2013, When I moved to Camp Lejeune in May I talked to my parents into Callie coming for summer camp after memorial day weekend. That summer camp never ended. She became mine and Phillips. & she is still with us all the way in Japan.

Remington Scout

Well Phillip had been home from Deployment #2 about a month and Phillip and I were having a lazy Saturday watching the new Netflix series “Fuller House”   and when Cosmo became a dog daddy and we saw all the puppies, we wanted to go see cute puppies. It was March 12th, about 2 and 1/2 weeks before we got orders to Okinawa…So we decided to just go to the pet store to look at the puppies.

So we decided to just go to the pet store to look at the puppies. BAD IDEA… Not really we love Remington…Most days.

Well, we get to the pet store and we see a chocolate lab and this Aussie mix aka Remi. The lab was passed out asleep so we weren’t really interested because it was boring to watch. But Remington was alert and noticed us immediately, he followed Phillip back and forth and we got him out to play with him we knew he just had to become a Greene.  We took him home where he then met his Sister, he growled at her haha. At first, Callie was SO annoyed by him she hated sharing things and she would tease him since he couldn’t get on the couch. They quickly warmed up to each other and have become best friends, they love each other and cuddle daily. I am so glad that we have them a part of our family.

That’s the basic story of how we got our furbabies.




H o m e.

What is Home to me?


Home (n) 1a house, apartment, or another shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household. 2the place or region where something is native or most common.

As most of you know I don’t live anywhere close to the place I was born. Actually, I live almost 8,000 miles away from the place I called home for 19 years.  It wasn’t until I 21 and living at Camp Lejeune that I realized that home to me isn’t a house, apartment, or a place it is a person and that has become even more apparent to me living in Okinawa. My home is Phillip and now Emma too, along with Remington and Callie Mae. My home wherever my family may be. My home is where Phillip’s gym bag sits by the door, Emma’s toys everywhere, and Remington and Callie Mae follow me around and always wagging their tails or give a slobbery kiss. When we are all together I am home & happy. 


North Carolina.


Things I miss about North Carolina…

  • Cookout
  • Livermush
  • Zaxby’s
  • Don Ramon
  • Mi Cabana
  • Myabi Jr.
  • Cherry Lemon Sundrop
  • Cheerwine
  • Walmart
  • Ross/Burlington/Tj Maxx
  • Being able to be at the beach or mountains and in the same state
  • Being close to Family
  • Jacksonville & Wilmington
  • BBQ
  • Fall weather
  • Leave changing colors & falling
  • Being able to drive down backroads with the windows down & music blaring
  • Krispy Kreme-Dunkin ain’t cutting it
  • Chick-fil-a
  • Fish Camps
  • How nice neighbors are
  • being able to drive faster
  • shooting guns
  • Pelicans

& many more things….


Being Young & Married.


I am glad that Phillip and I got married at 19. There are MANY  reasons why but I want to share just a few of them.

  1.  We don’t get to only grow old with each other we got to grow up with each other.

Phillip and I had our first date when we were 17. At the time I didn’t know that this date would be the start of our story and adventure together. We got married at 19 years old on December 28th, 2013 & that is still one of the best choices I have ever made. Phillip is my best friend, shoulder to cry on, my rock, and now an amazing father to our baby girl. Since we dated/marriage we have been through a lot together from Phillip’s first enlistment, our first home together, me earning my associates degree, first car, 2 dogs, Emma was born, & many more things. So many of these events have helped us become who we are as adults but we also got to be by each other’s side through all of our life events even if at times Phillip was gone due to his job.  I’m so blessed to have someone who has been there through it all.

2. I have learned which friends are truly my friends and gained some amazing ones along the way.

Phillip and I got married in between my fall and spring semester at Western Carolina University. After my spring semester, I moved to  Camp Lejeune. Moving 5 and a half hours from home was tough because I wasn’t a college student home for the summer, I was a new in a new town where I knew nobody except a handful of people ( no friends).  A lot of my friends stopped checking in on me and I felt so forgotten.  Luckily when I started back to school in the fall I met some friends that became family.

3. I gained my own independence. 

Being in a military marriage where your spouse is gone for a lot and will more than likely never be there for your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or children’s birthday you learn to do everything on your own. I didn’t have anyone else to rely on but myself so it caused me to grow up and I am thankful for that.

4. We get to adventure together.

From the day trips to places around Camp Lejeune to Living in Okinawa, Japan we always make sure to do fun things together. While living in Jacksonville we enjoyed taking Remi and Callie to the parks around the area or spending time in downtown Wilmington( Tree Hill). Since moving to Okinawa we have this habit of taking random turns until we find something that looks interesting and pretty. I love that I married someone that loves to be outdoors just as much as I do. So marry someone that you can see yourself going on many adventures and trips with.

Yes, I might have left the party early, but I left it with my best friend and we started our own party. I am thankful and beyond blessed that I got to start my forever with Phillip at a younger age because that means we get to love each other even longer than if we would have found each other later in life. Also, I am so thankful for this part of our life as a wife married to a service member has helped shape me into the woman I am. I am glad that I get to do parenthood with him by my side to a human baby not just our two furbabies. Seeing him with Emma makes me love in love with him over and over every day. He is such an amazing father and husband. He makes sure that Emma and I have everything we need & more. I’m so glad she has him to see how a man should treat women. We are both lucky girls.

-until next time.